The best cruise in Scheveningen

Speedboot Varen Nederland, specialized in round trips with the Go Fast r.i.b. boat (rigid inflatable boat). Located at the 2nd inner harbor at the Dr. Lelykade in Scheveningen.

We have a 12 person ex-marine special forces boat where we can bring speeds of over 100 km / h.

During a cruise the guest is received in the 2nd inner harbor by a Speedboot Varen employee. You will be given the opportunity to attract a special heat and drift suit. Then you will be escorted to the boat, where you will take place in one of our 9 meter long and equipped with 2x Yahama High Power 250hp Go Fast r.i.b. Boats. There is a brief explanation and after the check of the passengers and boat we sail out of the harbor.

If we are at sea, we can go full throttle depending on the wishes of the passengers. Then we sail towards De Pier where you can admire the new boulevard, the lighthouse and Scheveningen from the sea. We will also make some sharp turns, where you will have to hold on well. You can also rent the boat for private, cruise or assistance with a (sailing) event.


Boat rental during events?

Boat tour The Hague / Scheveningen

Are you in for excitement and sensation? Then you are at the right place at Speedboot Varen. Our fast speed boats have engines between 50 and 600 hp and can reach speeds above 100 km / h. The speed boats of Speedboot Varen Nederland can be used to race over the waves, to wakeboarding or to sail banana behind the speedboats. You can already rent a Speedboat in Scheveningen from 20 minutes with a group, or you can sign up as a step-by-step on a day on which we have fixed trips. Nothing is too crazy for Speedboot Varen

Speedboat Arrangements

For the most spectacular trips you are at the right place at Speedboot Varen Nederland. Do you have something to celebrate? Then choose one of our speedboat packages. We ensure an unforgettable day!

In addition to the spectacular trip with the speed boat we also offer sporting activities, consisting of the following sports: Skimboarding, kite flying, surfing, long boarding, body boarding, beach volleyball, slacklining and supping.
These activities can of course combined with catering to complete your outing. View the arrangements for a detailed description.

Other boat trips

Speedboot Varen Nederland also does practical boat trips in addition to recreational boat trips. We are available for every action on the water that is possible with one of our speedboats. Everything is negotiable!

For example, do you organize an event in Scheveningen or another location that is surrounded by water? Then use the water by guiding visitors to the destination as a water taxi. Also, consider the overview what security could have from the speedboat. If you want unique images from a special angle, our speedboats have been rented many times as a movie boat and photo boat.