Tube Rent Scheveningen

Destination: Amsterdam, Bloemendaal, Den Haag, Hoek van Holland, IJmuiden, Katwijk Aan Zee, Kijkduin, Monster, Nederland, Noordwijk, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Wassenaar

Price: €15 p.p.

During the summer we can be found on the beach of Scheveningen with the tube, separate rides per person are possible from € 15, - per person. The price includes an experienced skipper and safety vests and tube. The tube has a capacity of 8 people, a journey takes 15 minutes on average. The speedboat with tube can be used at various locations in the Netherlands.

Now rent the 500 hp speedboat with tube from Speedboot Varen

Have you always wanted to take a ride in a tube? Speedboot Varen Scheveningen now offers you the opportunity to do this! Try to stay in the tube for as long as possible. Hold tight, because before you know it you are in the water. When you fall into the water, the skipper will pick you up as quickly as possible so that you can climb back into the tube. Do not underestimate the power of the speedboat. Enjoy the adrenalin that lurks in your body during the ride in the tube! At the start of this adventure, all participants will receive a life jacket.
Single ride (20 minutes): 35, - p.p. Single ride (1 hour): 60, - p.p. Bachelorette package: 45, - p.p.

With Speedboot Varen Nederland, service and quality are of paramount importance!

Before we sail, the group is informed about the safety and regulations on the speedboat. After the regulations, you will be hoisted in the suit and life vest, after which the adventure can begin. After the speedboat has gone out, the gas can go on and we will start with the activity you have chosen. With a banana flying over the water, or when you are only going to sail at speeds of up to 120 km / h on the water. The good service, speed boat and skipper ensure that your trip will be unforgettable.
Included during tube boating:
  • Enough boats
  • Certified skippers
  • Lifejackets
  • Petrol
  • Excellent service
  • Tube

We are ready with enough for groups up to 300 people?!

With speeds of 30 km/h the tube is pulled! There is space for 8 people in the tube. The speedboat itself has a capacity of 12 people. The tube tour can also be booked by larger groups. Speedboot Varen offers you the chance to split the group or to use more boats. Now put your teamwork to the test!

Catering during Speedboat rental

Through our partnerships with various beach tents and restaurants, Speedboot Varen Scheveningen can offer a comprehensive catering service. So before and/or after you can enjoy a snack or a drink to recover from the spectacular boat ride.
Type of arrangement prices
Champange on board from 4.50 euros p.p.
Beer / Wine arrangement 2 hours unlimited from 19.50 euro p.p.
Beer / Wine with snacks arrangement 2 hours unlimited from 24.50 euros p.p.
BBQ in the harbor or on the beach from 19.50 euro p.p.
BBQ + 2 hour drink arrangement from 39, - euro p.p.

Speedboat rental throughout the Netherlands at Speedboot Varen Nederland

Speedboot Varen Scheveningen is located in the Scheveningen. The speedboat is always ready to sail away. Because Speedboot Varen Nederland is mobile, it can offer its services throughout the Netherlands. This way Speedboot Varen Scheveningen can, on request, come to other locations.


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